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Every company wants to grow... but that doesn't mean it's easy. Sometimes it just seems impossible to grow beyond a certain level. Many companies just seem to 'hit a wall' and then - no matter what they do - they just can't seem to grow more. It's frustrating. But we have found that while there are many reasons that growth stops, almost all can be corrected. 

Business growth isn't as complicated as you might think. In all our years offering business consulting in Toronto, Montreal, and Northumberland County, we have found only 3 reliable ways to grow your business ... new products, new markets and better selling. It's that simple.

There are many good ways to ensure that a client gets his or her expectations met precisely but they all start with the client thinking through the problem they want solved. That's an essential ingredient to ensuring that the consultant engagement is a successful one and not just more fodder for bad consultant jokes.

The Internet is no more a market than a post office or television channel is. Like those, it’s a medium – it is a means of reaching a market. Potential buyers can reach through the Internet to find your products or services or you can reach through the Internet to find them. But just being on the Internet – having a website, for example – is no guarantee that you are present to your potential market.

We've heard, again and again, that "it's dog eat dog" in the business world. Turns out, there are some places where this is actually true. In your industry, for example, it's just not enough to be making money. You have to be growing, too. If you're not growing, at least as fast as your marketplace is, then you're losing market share to someone else.