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About KLynn Business Consulting

We are a small, private, business consulting and marketing services company that services growing businesses in Toronto, Peterborough, Northumberland County and Montreal. We offer our considerable business, strategy, planning, sales, and marketing expertise to help your businesses grow. We are particularly experienced with firms that develop, manufacture, sell, and market high-technology products and services.

As a business consultant, our primary focus is on business planning, brand development and sales and marketing . It is these disciplines that encompass every aspect of business success - market, products, sales, servicing and market communications. In addition, KLynn also offers Internet consulting expertise in how to incorporate Internet marketing into your product marketing and promotional mix.

We use a proven business consulting methodology to assess a client's current and expected product marketing position. Then, we apply our product marketing expertise to ensure that the client's products, services, customer-facing processes,

Our methodology always results in a clearer picture of where the client needs to be, and what it needs to do to get there. Invariably, sales growth follows - often, quickly.

Our fees are reasonable. (Even if we say so ourselves!) Generally, we charge on fixed-fee-per-project basis. It means that you pay for performance - not for time talking about the problem.

Each year, we can only focus our business consultant energy on only a handful of consulting clients. We're a small business consultancy by choice. But small or not, we have handled some large consulting tasks for some very large companies. If you're interested in talking with us about our business consulting services please contact us.