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Market Scaling Program (MSP)

It’s one thing to have created a successful business model, and quite another to be able to “scale” it – i.e. to grow and expand it into new market segments and into new product lines.

To scale successfully, a business must be able to fully understand both why they have been successful in existing markets and also to create a methodology for replicating that success in new ones. KLynn’s Market Scaling Program (MSP) is a packaged methodology for analyzing your existing success and developing teams, processes, and methodologies necessary to do it again and again in other markets. The important element of the KLynn MSP program is that KLynn doesn’t do the planning for you, it does it with you. Here’s how a typical MSP engagement works:

    • KLynn will meet with the management team to analyze existing performance and establish meaningful expansion and growth goals;
    • Management will assemble a “skunkworks” type team to spearhead the expansion effort;
    • KLynn will train the team in its market-centered business planning approach;
    • KLynn together with the team will then develop incremental business planning and initiatives on which to expand the business. These will include:
      • Marketing segment identification and incremental research into market characteristics;
      • Development of market-appropriate product and service requirements;
      • Development of all go-to-market criteria, plans and activities necessary to enter the market, identify prospective customers, and convert them into sales;
      • Development of all post-sale service criteria, plans and activities including on-boarding of customers, and market-focused servicing plans;
      • KLynn will then providing the ongoing coaching and performance support to ensure the team is successful in each new market.

The goal of these activities is to create a company-unique and market-driven methodology capable of replicating the company’s success in market after market.

If you have an interest in the KLynn MSP, we invite you to contact us and discuss how it can be applied to your company and your go-to-market team.