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Sales and marketing

The dynamics behind your sales efforts are often the place to look for quick growth. But sales success ultimately involves much more than simply raising the quotas of your existing sales team or sales channel. It can also involve optimizing your market targeting, pricing structure, discount structure, marketing communications, product and service packaging, lead generation, offer structure, basic sales proficiencies, and incentive structures. Any, or all of these, may be contributing to sluggish or less-than-anticipated growth. When it comes to growing sales, KLynn:consulting offers business consulting services that ltransform ittle things into big performance differences! 


Structure & Compensation

Positioning is an analysis of your market and competitive position looking through the eyes of your prospective customers. It’s an ideal way to discovery the strengths and weaknesses of your products and marketing. READ MORE>


Sales Channels

The essence of branding is to match and assert certain benefits and values to your prospective customer. Being able to articulate these values is an important guide to your management team and in your marketing. READ MORE>


Internet Selling

Brands are not static. They evolve and morph to address changes in market conditions, consumer expectations, and technology.  Evolving a ‘road map’ for your brand is a key strategic exercise. READ MORE>


MarComm Strategies

Whether in the form of tag lines, elevator pitches, PR, selling or advertising, the way you create your “messages” is vital to your market success. READ MORE>

Unlike some sales consultant practices, KLynn services do not result in unusable "ivory tower" perspectives of what you might do to grow. Instead, our services focus on doing real work. We'll find out what's going on with your sales, and then, side by side, with you and your staff, we'll construct action plans for lifting your sales and your business to the next level.

We have an outstanding business consultant track record of turning sales and marketing related issues around and doing so quickly. If you want to see how we might do that for you, call us about our sales consulting services. There's no cost to talking it through with us.