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MarComm Strategies

Communicating your brand requires more than a clever name or mark. Good communications is an essential ingredient for business growth and it is a vital element of every product or service and its related name or mark. It's the embodiment of your marketing.

In business, brand and market communications is important because it separates the real players - those firms that can scale and grow - from the mere "wannabees". This is because your marketing communications and marketing communications plans describe the basic foundation for products, marketing materials, sales positioning, value propositions, services, and every other attribute of what you do. You get the communications wrong, and just about everything else is going to go wrong, too.

KLynn marketing consulting provides the marketing plan, marketing communications, and marketing services expertise to get your branding right and to ensure that every aspect of your marketing is comprehensively defined and communicated. Our marketing services are focused on a solid understanding of product marketing issues. We have a well-defined methodology for assessing and developing solid brand communication strategies and we also have a long and successful consulting history in Canada and the United States for successfully tackling thorny marketing issues.

If your company, your product line or your services just don't seem to be performing the way you think they should, chances are you have a marketing problem. We can help fix it.

And unlike some marketing consulting practices, KLynn services do not result in unusable "ivory tower" perspectives of what you ought to do to achieve growth. We follow the strategic with the tactical. Our marketing consulting services are focused on doing real work. Side by side with you and your staff, we will construct action plans for lifting your business and your brands to the next level. If needed, we can help you execute those plans, too.