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Sales Channel Development

Adding new channels or expanding the scope of your existing channels can be an excellent growth strategy to catalyze entrance into new markets, expand the geographic scope of your selling, fuel new growth, or just put more feet on the street.

Sales channels development can have many objectives. The most typical is expanding coverage of markets. But a well-architected channel strategy can also provide greater customer support coverage, greater lead generation, reduced advertising and marketing costs, and a higher overall productivity per person ratio for your business.

But channel-building can be complicated and often requires special understanding of channel member's behavior, needs, and motivations. It can also require major organizational changes on your end of the channel to ensure the proper care and feeding of the new channel and its members.

KLynn channel consulting services offer you solid experience in developing new sales and marketing channels for your business. We have been successful in creating new programs for reseller channels, dealer networks, software developer networks, partnering programs, and Internet affiliate programs. If you would like to discuss how our channel consulting might ignite new growth at your business, contact us.