CONSULTING Formats | KLynn Business Consulting Toronto Montreal Northumberland


KLynn Consulting services often take many forms depending on the nature of the problem being addresses and on the budget and capabilities of the client.  Typical consulting formats include the following:


Project Consulting

Goal-focused consulting targets a particular problem or issue is the most typical consulting service offered by us.  The fees for the project are fixed with progress payments paid on reaching certain agreed-upon milestones. READ MORE>  


Time-based Consults

This very traditional form of consulting is slowly giving way to project-focused services. Fees are based on a flat hourly or daily rate. This type of consulting is primarily used for open-ended tasks. READ MORE>


Interim Role Consulting

Occasionally, clients need more than a part-time consulting. The task is formidabke enough that it requires specific attention every day.  Fees for this service are generally monthly and are used to ensure that certains tasks are being managed while recruiting for a full-time staff member. READ MORE>


Coaching & Facilitation

Sometimes, small clients simply need a little direction and guidance on how to tackle problems on their own.  KLynn Coaching provides taime-based or retainer-based coaching to owners, senior executives, and entrepreneurs. READ MORE>