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The three ways to grow

Business growth isn't as complicated as you might think. In all our years offering business consulting in Toronto, Montreal, and Northumberland County, we have found only 3 reliable ways to grow your business - sell more things to the same people, or find new people in which to sell the same things or get better at selling the same things to the same people. It's just that simple.

So if it's so simple, why is it often so difficult?

Again and again we find that businesses that have stalled in their growth suffer from the same problems - a fuzzy understanding of their marketplace, or a fuzzy understanding of the value propositions behind their products and services, or fuzzy execution in their selling practices. Or a combination of all of these. Fundamentally, fuzzy marketing means fuzzy sales.

Become less fuzzy.

The solution is to become less fuzzy - to be more "crisp" in the understanding of your marketplace and what your products and services means to them. This involves giving careful attention and study of your customer's preferences and behaviour, defining your products and services in terms of those preferences, and communicating the benefits in the terms they understand. It also involves doing the same thing with your competition - understanding their behaviour, defining your products and services in terms of their behaviour, and communicating your benefits positioned against theirs.